About Eric

Eric C. Gould is an award winning photographer who has photographed over 30,000 people. He is the go to guy for Silicon Valley business portraits and head shots. Additonally, Eric teaches intro and advance phography to over 2000 people each year.

He has created and developed over 20 products for Apple, Netscape and McAfee. Mr Gould is a sought-after speaker in both the world of photography and interpersonal communications.

His teaching materials are distributed exclusively by The Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation. Mr Gould is currently working on his book "The Like Ability Quotation: The Inside Secrets of Social Media" which draws from his 25 years experience in technology, negotiation and photography.

"Eric Gould - is the Bay Areas most effective photographic instructor" Tim Schell, Keeble and Shuchat Photography

"Eric is the photographer's photographer. He delivers clarity in a methodical and thoughtful fashion to a complex art and trade, photography. His concepts on portraiture are fun, interesting and gives a solid reference point." Paul Kuroda, National Photographer of the Year Winner and two time Pulitzer Prize Finalist.

"As a professional photographer and educator with 30 years of experience I believe Eric has redefined photographic learning by cutting through the jargon, making the information instantly accessible and transforming amateurs into pro level photographers in just a few hours that traditionally might have taken several semesters. Simply a fun and remarkable experience to participate in." Doug Peck. Former member of the faculty of the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography and De Anza College where he serves on the Schools Advisory Board.

"I've been taking photographs for over 50 years. Why would I want to take a photography workshop from Eric Gould? The answer is simple; I've taking the same picture for too many years, and it was time to be reminded about composition, posing, expressions, camera basics, and all of the elements that comprise a good photograph. His workshop are fun, with plenty of hand's on opportunity and immediate feedback on how I was doing. He got me to try new things and take my photography to a higher level." William H Watson

"As a professional photographer for over 20 years of experince with images published in National Geographic and 100's of other magazines - I want Eric behind the camera when it comes to my business portraits." Micheal Stewart.